A winner’s story – Hallam Internet

At Awards International we believe winning awards is about more than the feeling of shared pride and elation your team experience on the day – it is also about how this national recognition boosts business in the months and years that follow. Read more

Apple’s Home PodLoses the Battle vs Amazon’s Echo and Google Home

Two years after Amazon’s public release of the Echo, Apple finally released its own voice-first assistant, the HomePod. Read more

NatWest Launches Digital Centre of Excellence in Bristol

The NatWest Digital Studio will be at the forefront of the bank’s investment in digital for commercial and corporate customers across the UK. Read more

How Did Cortana Get Windows Back in the Smartphone Game?

Microsoft knows you don't run Windows on all of your gadgets, and it no longer cares. Redmond is no longer trying to foist phones on consumers who don't want them. It stopped plugging its ears and pretending Google Docs and Chromebooks aren't a threat. And it won't beg people to throw out all their devices and buy a dozen new ones so they can live their Best Windows Life. CEO Satya Nadella and his executives made it clear, in every way they could think of, that Microsoft finally understands how the world works. And it has a plan. Read more

Interview: Our Recent Catch-up with a DXA Winner – Vehicle Vision

VehicleVision is a company implementing digital channels to enhance and help drive CX in the automotive industry further. The company delivers class-leading personalised online video systems for the automotive industry which provide a great deal of transparency and customer inclusion. Read more

Microsoft Graph Bridges the Gap Between Windows and Your Phone

Microsoft’s push into being the connective glue between all of your devices is encompassed in Graph. That is what the company is calling a handful of features it says will “connect dots between people, conversations, projects and content.” Read more

How Digital Innovation Impacts Customer Experience

It is of no mystery that we live in a highly tech literate environment. However with the development of technological advancements, we’re also witnessing drastic changes in business across the globe. Read more

A winner’s story: Nationwide’s Next Generation Banking App

This week we’re showcasing how Nationwide’s customer-centric approach to re-platforming their App earnt them the title of best ‘Mobile Strategy’ at last year’s UK Digital Experience Awards. Read more

New AI Apps on Oracle Cloud Target Smarter Customer Experiences

Apps look to enable smarter customer experiences that drive tangible and predictable business results. Oracle has announced a new range of AI apps to improve experiences across all stages in the customer life cycle in real time. Read more

Top 5 UK Tech Companies According to Employee Reviews

The UK seems to have become an excellent environment nowadays when it comes to working in an information technology sector. During recent years, London, also know as tech capital of Europe, has become oversaturated and IT companies have started to emerge and spread all over the UK. According to, more than 74% of tech companies today are outside inner London, and the number is gradually increasing. Read more
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