3 Hot Trends in Digital Experience We’re Watching Right Now

The International Digital Experience Awards are fast approaching, and they’ll be held at a pivotal time: by July 15, the UK economy will have opened up a great deal, and many other countries will also be loosening their coronavirus restrictions.


It will be a fantastic chance to hear how companies have thrived throughout the pandemic, and an opportunity to learn how they’ll be enhancing the digital experience in a post-covid world.


In that spirit, we’re sharing some of 2021’s hottest digital trends – and letting you know which categories of the Digital Experience Awards are particularly suited to them. If you feel any of these categories are relevant to your company’s digital journey, enter now!


1. Conversational Marketing


Top marketers are capitalising on digital’s full potential and moving away from conventional communication channels. They’re making the smart move of going where their customers are and talking to them on those channels.


Chatbots are just one example of this shift. Others include the growing prevalence of WhatsApp as a communication channel and the continued growth of influencer marketing. The internet has caused a total revolution in the way we communicate, and savvy marketers are acutely aware of this. Whereas some companies adopt a conventional marketing strategy using digital tools, top marketers realise that the process itself must closely reflect broader changes in communication. The result is a conversational approach that’s deeply embedded in the social platforms that their customers actually use.


Relevant categories: Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Influencer of the Year, Best Digital Advertising


2. Forensic Focus on the Customer Experience

The importance of CX is only going to grow this year, and the companies that thrived throughout the pandemic have been acutely sensitive to their customers’ evolving wants and needs.


Whilst digital has always placed a strong emphasis on the user experience, companies are now adopting the broader framework offered by CX to develop more holistic strategies. This movement views digital as a tool to improve the customer experience and enhance human interaction, rather than as an end in itself. Those who share this view and see the bigger picture for their customer, are poised to do very well at the Awards in July.


Relevant categories: Best Use of Customer Feedback, Digital Team of the Year


3. Data Security


Numerous data scandals involving big tech companies are still rumbling in the background, and those stories aren’t going anywhere soon! Privacy reputation is fast becoming a key brand differentiator, and we expect this to continue: companies that mishandle data or are vulnerable to cyberattack will lose customer confidence fast.


The major web browsers – from Google, Microsoft and Mozilla – are all implementing reforms to their advertising models to restore public confidence in their products, and digital professionals need to be acutely aware of these trends. We can’t wait to hear how top organisations have been approaching this issue!


Relevant categories: Best Use of GDPR, Best Digital Advertising


These are just some of the trends you’ll encounter by hearing presentations at the Digital Experience Awards: practical, real-life case studies from some of the world’s top companies. They’ll be outlining the journey they’ve been on, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they overcame them.


And, of course, you’ll have the chance to share your own story and walk away with a Gold Award in the process!


You’ve got until May 26 to submit your entry – enter now!