A winner’s story – Hallam Internet

A winner’s story – Hallam Internet

At Awards International we believe winning awards is about more than the feeling of shared pride and elation your team experience on the day – it is also about how this national recognition boosts business in the months and years that follow.

To find out how our previous winners at the UK Digital Experience Awards ’16 are benefiting from their victory, we caught up with Susan Hallam, managing director at Nottingham-based digital marketing agency, Hallam Internet

1. Congratulations on your success! Can you explain how winning at the UK Digital Experience Awards has helped your business?

Winning the UK Digital Award for Agency helped us in three ways:

Firstly,boosting team morale and celebrating our great work. It was great to get industry recognition, and it’s a powerful piece of internal marketing to communicate to us what a great job we do. I think it’s always easy for colleagues to be hypercritical, thinking  ‘we can always do better’ but sometimes it’s worthwhile sitting back and thinking‘actually we’ve done a great job’. 

Secondly, building upon our public reputation.We’ve used this award within our current marketing mix in our press releases, through banners on our website, email signatures and social media posts. Clients have picked up the phone to congratulate us, and it keeps us visible with prospective clients.  We’ve had a huge amount of traction from the award. 

 And thirdly,befitting our recruitment strategy. As is the case with all digital businesses, trying to recruit the best talent is really difficult. Having this award under our belt is an important signal to potential candidates to say ‘this is an excellent place to work’.

2. Can you expand on how you capitalised on your award win within marketing communications?

We’ve written a blog post, sent a press release out andused the image of the team on stage receiving the award as a Facebook cover picture.

I would say the greatest use has been updating our status on LinkedInasthis is a key social media channel for us a B2B organisation. 

We’ve put the logo on our website and included it on proposals to clients. It’s a small logo with a high impact!

3. And why was the award so important for team spirit?

Culture is really important to our company; we work hard to make it clear to everybody how much we value them and this award was a huge boost to team spirit - we celebrated for days! And, we are still feeling the ripple effect now. It gave us a boost in the short term and has a long term impact as well.

4. Would you recommend other businesses enter the UK Digital Experience Awards? 

Entering the UK Digital Experience Awards is a highly valuable exercise for businesses like ours and I’d recommend other agencies to enter without hesitation.

The dividend the award has paid clearly justifies the effort it takes; it does take time and effort to prepare a winning entry. The presentation to the judging panel was also a really good learning experience within its own right. And winning has been so very valuable to our business.

5. Please provide three words to sum up becoming winner?

Recognising the best!


About Susan

 Susan Hallam is managing director of Hallam Internet, a digital marketing agency based in Nottingham. She leads her team to deliver ethical digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing to clients in a broad range of sectors.