An exclusive interview with UK Digital Experience Judge, Christina Dolding

An exclusive interview with UK Digital Experience Judge, Christina Dolding

As a winner at the UK Customer Experience Awards ’16, a judge at last year’s UK Employee Experience Awards and set to judge this year’s UK Digital Experience Awards, we caught up with one of our esteemed judges Christina Dolding to gain this exclusive insight into the judging experience.

Christina is the Head of Customer Experience and Innovation at Old Mutual Wealth and has worked in the financial services sector in the customer experience world for nearly 25 years. We are delighted to welcome her to the UK Digital Experience Awards judging panel this year and caught up with her this week to find out what attracted her to the role. Read Christina’s insightful interview below:

1. As a winner at the UK Customer Experience Awards ‘16 in the ‘Professional of the Year’ category, what inspired you to also judge last year’s UK Employee Experience Awards?

I found the whole awards scene fascinating, especially how much excitement there was in all things customer experience related. Having had a year of focusing on entering the awards I was keen to better understand life on the other side of the desk so to speak; what are the judges interested in, what constitutes a great entry and what is truly award winning? Really helpful insights I would be able to take back into my own business.

2. We are delighted to have you back judging this year at the UK Digital Experience Awards. What are you most looking forward to?

I’m really excited to learn what is happening in the digital space and how the customer experience is being enhanced to provide award-winning service. Judging this year will give me a unique insight into the exciting developments in this industry.

3. What attracted you to judge at these awards?

The opportunity to learn more about this incredibly exciting world from some amazing people and organisations. I know I will be inspired by what the finalists have to say and it will undoubtedly spark some new thoughts and ideas for me in my day job and I will be able to take a lot away from this experience.

4. As a previous judge, what advice would you give to any new judges joining us this year?

It is a privilege to judge at any awards and it is important to set aside time to judge the written entries in the same way you take time to judge the formal presentations. Be honest with your feedback as it will help the individual/organisation improve, not only future entries but may give them valuable advice about how they are approaching the work they are doing. Feedback is gold dust.

5. As both a finalist and judge what do you think is most beneficial about the feedback form that all finalists receive?

We dipped our toe into this world with the UK Employee Experience Awards in 2016. We wanted to see what feedback we got and then use it to finesse our submission for the UK Customer Experience Awards later in the year. The feedback was absolutely critical to how we approached future award submissions and presentations. We used the commentary as a checklist to make sure we had covered off all the points which had been made - I think this was a key factor in our success.

Could you be one of our judges? If Christina’s story has inspired you to judge at this year’s UK Digital Experience Awards, find out how you can apply to be part of this incredible experience here.