Audi City: The biggest car dealership in the world – with the smallest footprint

Audi City: The biggest car dealership in the world – with the smallest footprint

Audi City is changing the way vehicles are sold with an innovative showroom concept. Through state of the artpresentation technology, Audi City provides a unique brand experience allowing visitors to explore Audi’s entire model range in city centre locations, where large showrooms are not possible.

To present several hundred million custom automobile options to customers, the brand is using almost true-to-life representations of Audi models on floor-to-ceiling projectors - power walls - using photorealism. With all colours, equipment options and functions available, Audi is picking up on the worldwide trend towards custom offerings.

Extending the pioneering sales concept

The first Audi City opened close to Piccadilly Circus in London in 2012 and Audi has since established a further four stores in city centre locations including Berlin, Istanbul, Paris and in June 2016 the latest manifestation of the format joined the network in Moscow. 

Meeting customers’ changing expectations 

This digital experience was conceived to overcome a shortage of space in city centre locations as well as meeting the changing expectations of customers. Today nine out of ten customers thinking of buying a new car, first conduct fact-finding online. With initial information being gathered in advance of the visit to the dealership, the expectation surrounding a sales consultation with dealership experts makes the task of selling all the more demanding. 

Combining the best of both worlds

So to meet the demands of the increasingly informed customer, Audi’s aim was to bring together the digital experience of being able to offer limitless possibilities and integrate this with the benefits of  real-life, personal shopping support. Creating a perfect brand experience for the customer in a seamless fusion on the two worlds, Audi’s expert staff members can lead detailed discussions from the comfort of private lounges to ensure the chosen product fits the needs of the customer. 

Head of Sales at Audi City London, Raju Sailopal, says:

“Audi City combines the best of both worlds, a digital product presentation and the personal contact with our team”.

Sales soar by 70%

Integrating digital and real experience has resulted in sales figures for the London outlet soaring by around 70% compared with the former brand outlet at the same location. And 60% of all customers are new to the carmaker. 

This forward-thinking brand is continuing to develop their digital innovation showcasing cutting edge retail solutions at ‘myAudi Sphere’ located in Munich Airport. Visitors, customers and Audi dealers can discover progressive tools to connect the real and virtual worlds of Audi including the “Audi Walking VR experience”. Visitors using the virtual reality headset get a realistic view of their dream Audi and can now walk around it freely and even take a seat inside.

To find out more about Audi’s latest digital developments, visit the Audi Media Centre here.

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