Award-Winning Business Change from Contiki and Sagittarius

Award-Winning Business Change from Contiki and Sagittarius

Contiki in partnership with Sagittarius won the Business Change at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2017 and we take a look at their winning digital strategy.

Contiki is a well-recognised Travel Corporation that operates in Europe, Russia, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America and Asia.

Formed back in 1962, they specifically cater to 18 to 35-year-olds by including a mix of sightseeing, free time, culture, socialising and adventure activities.

The company prides itself on delivering a seamless multi-touchpoint digital experience for customers, and with their recent partnership with Sagittarius, they have delivered an industry leading website that provides first-class user experiences through personalisation and outstanding content.

Business Context

The overall objective of Contiki’s project was to create a best-in-class travel website that would increase leads and drive sales online by engaging visitors and providing an exceptional experience.

Sagittarius, a digital marketing agency, played a key role in the development and delivery of this new website. Their expertise was required to help Contiki achieve their goals and create an innovative, engaging and a ‘human’ website for their audience.

The Outstanding Digital Experience Delivered

Utilising the principles of material design the new website was created from the ground up to encapsulate the customer journey and provide a unique content-first strategy that drives positive experiences through storytelling.

The overall user experience aims to mimic the experience of talking about travel plans – incorporating natural language search, contextual call to actions and shallow navigation that supports millennial fluctuation between inspirational and practical content.

A material design approach was also implemented to make an intangible product, such as a travel deal, feel and respond tangibly.

Content has also been made responsive across mobile devices and desktop alike and with cutting-edge design, Contiki has created an exceptional digital experience for their customers.

Business Impact and Results

Contiki has seen an increase in online revenue generated as a result of their new website and metrics across the board have experienced positive impact as a result of this exceptional digital overhaul.

Online transactions, newsletter sign-ups and brochure requests have all seen drastic increase and customers are more delighted than ever before as seen in customer experience metrics such as NPS, customer satisfaction and overall engagement.

Digital metrics have also seen improvement with session times showing increase along with page views, session time per page, reduced bounce rates and number of users.

With a key objective to connect and engage with a tech-savvy target audience of 18 to 35, Contiki was able to provide a much greater digital experience as a result of content-based promotion and personalisation of customer journeys.

The UK Digital Experience Awards 2018

Has your company used a digital application to enhance its customer experience?

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Entering the awards is a valuable opportunity to bring your team together and celebrate your success. Not only that, the finalists receive a benchmarked feedback form from our panel of independent and impartial judges, and you have the opportunity to present your entry live to them at the awards finals in front of other industry leaders.

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