Award-Winning DX Innovation from Ieso Digital Health

Award-Winning DX Innovation from Ieso Digital Health

Ieso Digital Health is a company delivering clinically led online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). They help people with common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety while offering a unique one-to-one experience through their innovative digital platforms.

Ieso is the first to offer evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy that’s backed by dynamic AI learning and mobile accessibility which brings the most advanced therapies to clients’ fingertips.

Transforming the way in which anxiety and depression are treated, Ieso Digital Health brings the world's largest network of over 500 accredited therapists directly to clients through online therapy.

We look at Ieso’s incredible business model along with their most recent achievements in the delivery of outstanding digital experiences for their clients, that led them to win the DX Innovation category at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2017.

Business Context

In a 2017 study, the UK Mental Health Foundation found that as much as two-thirds of adults have at some point experienced mental ill-health. This report also revealed that up to 80% of these cases can go undiagnosed and untreated as a result of stigma, lack of accessibility to either available therapists or treatment in general and high costs.

These drastic figures only show the problematic nature of the mental health business model that is being delivered inefficiently and has, as a result, become very costly and prone to disruption.

The industry is also faced with great challenges as the challenges of the modern world have been increasing, leading to more stress, anxiety and depression. The sheer numbers involved, populations living longer and a growing demand for ‘beyond the pill’ solutions have all taken their toll on the industry.

Ieso Digital Health understands these challenges well, and their efforts have been concentrated on finding a sustainable solution through affordability, better accessibility, and better quality of care for commonly presenting mental health conditions.

Their goal, however, isn't only to provide better access to care, like many companies have done with webcams, instead they're trying to transform the industry with a unique, intentional and research-based approach.

With this attitude, Ieso is building a written conversation platform that facilitates meaningful and highly effective care all while providing actionable and dynamic clinical insights to their highly qualified network of therapists.

Ieso’s Outstanding Digital Experience

Ieso’s solutions are very patient-centred with digital innovation playing a central role in therapy. The company continuously works on improving and applying AI learning to enhance the level of care they provide and ensure best-in-class solutions for both patients and therapists.

Incorporating smartphone technology, the company offers a unique and more accessible therapy that fits in with today’s ‘always on the move’ lifestyles. This unique platform reduces costs and offers discrete one-o-one therapy delivered in real time using written contestation via mobile, tablet or PC.

Patients meet accredited therapists in secure virtual therapy rooms, and they can choose the time and location that is both convenient and comfortable for them. This removes the stigma of mental therapy as well as other major barriers that prevent so many people from seeking help.

Patients also have the ability to re-read their transcripts and can also message their therapist in-between appointments.

Vulnerable patient groups such as the disabled or immobile also now have better access to therapy.

Through this transformation of the way mental health care is being delivered, Ieso has become the UK’s largest provider of online CBT and is now on track to even become the leading evidence-based behavioural healthcare company in the United States.

Business Impact and Results

Thanks to the use of breakthrough technology and clinical data science, Ieso has been able to simultaneously improve patient outcomes while reducing costs to the healthcare system.

By targeting patient populations with a known treatment response, and driving operational efficiencies, Ieso has been able to promote the highest quality of therapy at lower prices.

Ieso Digital Help also helps therapists provide better therapy.

Thanks to their unique platform, Ieso is able to visualize and understand the quality of the therapeutic intervention and see what is working and what isn’t. This allows them to find the right therapist for each patient and deliver the best possible care very easily.

Ieso’s platform and business model continues to transform the mental health industry, and with greater analysis and monitoring of data, the standard of care has risen drastically without large monetary investments.

The Digital Experience Awards 2018

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