BT Enterprise / LogMeIn: Let There Be Sight...

We were delighted to be announced as Gold Award winners at the Digital Experience Awards 2020 with our visual Digital solution Rescue Live Lens in the Digital Change and Transformation category. The collaborative venture saw two companies join forces to showcase the deploymentof a digital visual technology solution into the BT Enterprise Service Management & Field Service teams (from 2019 onwards).


Rescue Live Lens by LogMeIn is a cloud-based video calling solution. Still, instead of face-to-face calling, LogMeIn have focused on remote takeover of the rear-facing camera on a customer’s smartphone. This greatly facilitates the diagnostics of home network issues. The concept was to deploy digital technology ‘licences’ from LogMeIn and enable Service teams to visually connect to a customer (and to see and address their network issues remotely). Our colleagues enabled the digital visualisation connection by sending a link via text message or e-mail to the customer’s mobile. When clicked by the customer, it would establish a connection.


Rescue Live Lens gives us the ability to 1) remotely control our customer’s phone, tablet or computer and 2) see what they can see through their device’s camera (in HD quality video). This is something a phone call or static image alone cannot offer. Rescue Live Lens was chosen because it is device-agnostic and provides an encrypted BT approved solution.


The digital visualisation enabled by Rescue Live Lens helped increase the efficiency in problem-solving within our teams; it reduced the need for engineer site visits and enhanced the safety of our colleagues and clients during the pandemic. It was also vital in supporting our teams and field engineers to work from home and assess cases remotely (by reducing travel costs, task failures, and CO2 emissions).

What’s has been the impact of deploying the Digital solution?

With a major rollout plan of Rescue Live Lens envisaged for 2020, the implementation was accelerated with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. BT Enterprise deployed Rescue Live Lens licences to our Service colleagues, enabling them to switch to working from home. Laurence Jamieson, one of our Field Service engineers who supports our customers on Shetland, benefited from the rollout.


In March 2020, he received an urgent call from the NHS. His assistance was requested in setting up a dedicated phone for the COVID-19 to support the local community on the island. Laurence sprang into action and, using Rescue Live Lens digital solution, talked to the local IT support on the NHS site through setting up the new connection. Utilising the Digital visual solution allowed Laurence to remain at home rather than travel to the site.


Another of our engineers, Hadleigh Gaudreau, described how Rescue Lens saved the day when he was supporting a customer from around 60 miles away. While speaking to the customer, Hadleigh offered to use Rescue Lens to control their PC remotely. He didn’t have to drive to the site, and he was able to fix the issue without talking to the customer through the process.


Our Health, Safety, and Wellbeing (HSW) team have also used Rescue Lens and reaped the benefits. Pauline Moore, safety assurance and risk manager, used it to carry out remote site safety visits. Pauline confirms the idea is taking off amongst her colleagues now that they’ve seen what it can do.


Steve White, a Senior Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, agrees. Now that travel is restricted, Rescue Lens has enabled them to carry out investigative work and assist in building risk assessments. “The tool is easy to use, allowing us to react at speed, and the results have been fantastic, particularly in our work with 999 call centres. This is something we’ll use a great deal, and we already have an incident that we’re investigating next week where Rescue Live Lens will be hugely beneficial.”

Inspiring innovation

The deployment of Rescue Live Lens has also enabled BT Enterprise to look at other digital solution products and solutions.


Virtual Engineer is a new service solution that was born out of the Coronavirus pandemic. When we grounded our engineers to work only on Critical National Infrastructure and Critical to Society tasks, we needed a way to serve those customers we couldn’t reach. We took advantage of the Digital visual solution and started working with our customers to complete both installation and repair work. At the same time, our engineers were in the safety of their home. Now we want to build on this capability and use it to shape our field service in the future.


Today we are also working with our Sales colleagues to deploy Rescue Live Lens with their customers. The idea is to support them through the sales process and ensure they are clear about the customers’ requirements. The use of the Rescue Live Lens digital technology is transforming our approach to digital solutions and the sales and service experience; we are experiencing positive colleague engagement. The solutions allow our teams to efficiently resolve issues for clients and dedicate more time to delivering their skills and expertise where needed - an excellent outcome for everyone.


Darren Bayney: BT Enterprise Service Enablement Consultant