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Democratisation of Digital: The Next Three Years

The story of the internet is one of ever-expanding access.


When first invented, the technology was the preserve of computer science boffins. And even as the usage of digital technologies has increased massively in the general population, particular tasks – such as software development – have largely remained in the domain of IT professionals.


New research from Gartner, however, suggests that barriers to entry are falling fast. By 2024, they're predicting that non-tech professionals will build 80% of technology products and services.


"Digital business is treated as a team sport by CEOs and no longer the sole domain of the IT department," said Rajesh Kandaswamy, Gartner's research vice president. "Growth in digital data, low-code development tools and artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted development are among the many factors that enable the democratisation of technology development beyond IT professionals."


According to their report, Gartner is expecting "high-profile announcements of technology launches from non-tech companies to proliferate" in the next twelve months. And we think this is fascinating news!


In recent years, it's become possible for ordinary users to create unique and professional websites using tools like Wix – and it seems this is just the beginning. With AI-powered solutions getting more sophisticated every year, non-IT professionals will be able to perform increasingly sophisticated operations with these tools.


This development can only be good news for the digital economy. If it's easier to realise your vision on a digital platform, we'll see a proliferation of fantastic new enterprises, ones that benefit from these lower barriers to entry. In turn, that will help users, who'll see their priorities and needs more accurately represented in the digital space.


Of course, the most complex operations will still require high-level IT professionals to perform – but the democratisation of digital is really gathering pace – and looks set to unlock the creativity and ambitions of millions of entrepreneurs around the world.


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