Digital Skills in the UK: What Do the Numbers Say?

Over the past decade, digital transformations have been reshaping British businesses for the better, and this will continue as the full potential of digitisation is realised.


We’ve been incredibly fortunate to hear top companies sharing these stories at the Awards; they truly are at the cutting edge of their field. And we can’t wait until the beginning of next month to announce the full list of finalists for 2021!


Whatever the status of your organisation, you’ve got to know what the digital landscape looks like. To get the complete picture, you’ll have to book your place at the Awards in July, but this week some new research from FutureDotNow gives us several valuable insights.

National Skillset

They’ve been looking into the state of digital skills across the UK. The results show a country where Essential Digital Skills (EDS) in the population still have considerable room for improvement.


The most striking statistic is that 17.1 million Britons don’t have essential digital skills for work. You might find that hard to believe when around 60 million UK residents use a smartphone - but then again, WhatsApp doesn’t count as an EDS!


Some of the skills essential for participation in the digital economy (where significant numbers still lack ability) are: accessing payslips, booking shifts and leave, avoiding social-media disasters, basic password practice, using cloud storage, analysing data, synchronising information across multiple devices, and keeping viruses out of systems by identifying suspicious emails.


A small number of respondents – just 23% - said their employer gave them digital training. This low figure shows how far UK PLC has to go before its digital transformation is even remotely complete.

What Can We Do?

Thankfully, digital trailblazers in every sector lead the way, and their ideas are influencing the entire economy. The International Digital Experience Awards is the premier destination if you want to compete against – and meet with – these pioneers. Whether it’s e-commerce, using digital for health & wellbeing or artificial intelligence, or adopting innovative new ways of measuring customer feedback, this year’s categories salute the organisations and professionals who are leading the digital revolution.


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