Digital vs Human Journeys

Digital vs Human Journeys

Business transformations in the digital era

The digital era is here to stay, but how much has your world changed? I know mine has changed hugely. I’m a big fan of purchasing online, that’s a digital journey I am seriously grateful for. Almost all areas of our lives have now gone digital, including the way we book holidays, file taxes, apply for schools, make friends and relationships, work / study, to name but a few activities…

So it makes sense that this is the case across our business operations too. But we need to develop and pay great attention to the touchpoints between businesses and customers on the consumer journey – ensuring this operates seamlessly and helps transform business for the better. 

Hallam Internet, a digital marketing agency partnered with Google Premier,has developed a bespoke CRM system using Podio. Having introduced this system, employees are now able to spend more time building client working relationships whilst the system takes care of most daily admin aspects. Significantly speeding up their on-boarding process, this one-of-a-kind system streamlines client communication and is a great example of how digital can improve human interaction rather than substitute for it.

For businesses moving online, adapting to the idea of the Digital Customer Experience requires a new approach to development, allowing the business as a whole to grow within the digital landscape, without sacrificing other channels along the way. It’s not just about “bolting on” a digital department, it’s about getting all employees and customers to embrace a change in strategy to enable growth across the board and to share the benefits with all involved. 

Businesses that choose to make investments in analytics will be able to get to grips with their consumers’ needs and gain better customer insights to understand their customers’ requirements. For example, Feefo, a global company that requests genuine customer reviews on behalf of brands has helped a number of companies to transform their business by listening to the voice of their customers online. They state that 85% of UK consumers will always check online reviews before making a purchase. 

Digital data analysis also allows us to understand how and when customers use products and services - whether they access them via their smartphones whilst traveling, sat at their desk during the 9-5, or even whilst chatting to Amazon’s Alexa of an evening. Again, to further illustrate this point, Feefo provide valuable business insights in real-time along with the functionality of photo, video and product reviews. It’s clear to see how a business can be transformed by new digital technologies and how introducing these successfully into your business can set you apart.

So if you have transformed your business through the strategic implementation of digital initiatives, consider the ‘Business Transformation’ category of the UK Digital Experience Awards as an opportunity to reap the rewards for your brave venture into a new world. Another huge bonus of entering is the invaluable feedback you will receive from industry professionals to drive your business forwards. So what are you waiting for? Put your Digital Experience to the test and enjoy the recognition you deserve today.

 Written by Neil Copping, general manager at Awards International