Google Announces Revolutionary Cloud Computing Chips

Last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the tech giant’s latest computing breakthrough: TPU v4 Tensor Processing Units.


Don’t be fooled by its inconspicuous name! This technology will revolutionise the way organisations adopt AI solutions.


The chips allow a computer to perform more than one quintillion operations in a second. Such a remarkable speed – known as an exaflop – used to require a custom-built supercomputer. This latest development means superfast computing will be available to Google Cloud customers later this year.


“We’ll soon have dozens of TPU v4 pods in our datacentres,” said Pichai during his keynote speech, “many of which will be operating at or near 90 per cent carbon-free energy. It’s tremendously exciting to see this pace of innovation.”


For organisations using TPU applications, this will drastically improve their data processing speed. Analysts will be able to run larger models much more quickly, and improved energy efficiency will allow Google to handle more users.


Google’s main competition in the cloud computing space – AWS and Microsoft – have yet to announce their next-generation technology. Still, many tech commentators think Google’s hardware will prove hard to beat.


As v4 pod technology continues to roll out, we expect finalists at the Awards to be putting it to sensational use! This year’s Best Use of AI category will contain fascinating stories of how companies have used cutting-edge digital technology to their advantage, and we can’t wait to hear how their approaches continue to improve!


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