How Digital Innovation Impacts Customer Experience

How Digital Innovation Impacts Customer Experience

Technology and customer experience for many of us now go hand in hand. We constantly hear about the latest technological developments impacting the customer experience, and as business owners, we’re constantly faced with increasing demands from customers to keep our businesses ‘up to date’.

The impact of digital innovation on CX is thus huge as it is now an expected part of the customer experience. Customers want to be able to interact and communicate with companies through simpler, leaner and more connected methods, while also discarding the heavier and more traditional methods of communication such as telephone calls or frankly, visits.

Because of these changes, it is important to stay on top of the development curve when technology is concerned, while also keeping a keen eye on the developments you could make at your organisation, in order to drive CX forward.

So here is a short list of some of the more influential factors to customer experience in regards to digital innovation and digital channel implementation.

Omni-Channel Support

Digital innovations have allowed businesses to take advantage of omni-channels to provide better and easier support to their customers. Most customers also prefer omni-channels support since it allows for a higher degree of connectivity and input both from the business and other consumers. Companies are taking to social media, developing apps, e-portals and even hubs, to help support customers through better complaint handling or and overall customer support.

Communication with the Customer

Technology has allowed for a much better connection between the business and the customer. Customers are now expecting to see their favorite brands online and on social media, and most of them are expecting to be informed straight away as soon as a new product is out or updated during any form of maintenance on Twitter. This has opened up a new CX channel where business can display a great deal of customer care without necessarily investing heavily.

The Human Factor

These new platforms are also more human. It may seem like that’s not the case since people are interacting face-to-face less, but the fact is that these platforms allow for a different tone than the traditional business environment. Social media allows businesses to display a level of humanity that customers are not used to seeing, and backed by a few witty comments, a company can quickly get noticed.

Better Feedback

Such channels are also a two way street, with customers having the ability to interact with a business and provide important feedback that was previously hard to come by. Sure this may also be a bad thing for underperforming or poorly structured organisations, but for genuine businesses providing genuine products and services, it’s always a great exposure tool.

Better CX Overall

All of these new channels greatly enhance CX, and thus it should come as no surprise that they are some of the largest strategic pillars in performing businesses. Such developments are always noted at the UK Digital Experience Awards, and with digital leading the charge in CX evolution, we’re sure that more and more business will start heavily focusing on Digital CX.