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Is it now or never for digital transformation?

Having been involved with Digital Experience and digital transformation for many years now, there has never been a more exciting time than now for CEOs, business owners and senior business leaders to transform their businesses and operations with the help of digital.


That being said, a word of caution: digital innovation, automation, tools and technologies are in themselves not the answer. They are part of the answer. Digital transformation starts with culture transformation and creating a ‘digital first’ mindset. Gaining buy-in from the top of the organisational structure is essential. Hiring the very best change agents to create the blueprint for change and then deliver upon this is a must. Investing in training in the vast digital skills shortage is critical.


We are living through one of the most dynamic periods in history. Things are never going to be the same as they once were. There is a real emphasis right now on people, health and well-being, diversity, and inclusion. It is time that more businesses were more effective in their use of digital for the better intentions of their people. I collaborated with Pascal Bornet last year, Top Voice in Tech, ex McKinsey, and brought an educational webinar to our network linking digital transformation and automation to better human welfare and Customer Experiences.
You can watch the webinar here.


Whilst it is questionable whether the retail high street will ever die completely, and I don’t think it will, there is no doubt that consumers, at all ages, are embracing digital channels much more than they used to. Certainly for the foreseeable, digital is the channel of choice for the majority.


It has been exciting to see how digital has developed over the last decade and mind-boggling to see what some businesses were doing a decade ago - many businesses still haven’t done today. Indeed it is now time to make change for better business performance and people’s health and well-being, take positives and learn from what we have all been through during the crisis.


Having a solid digital communication proposition is not the only benefit to business performance. Using automation to drive efficiencies and reduce wastage is another real benefit, freeing up resource to invest back into Employee Engagement and well-being. Happy employees mean happier customers, and happy, loyal customers not only return for more products and services but are also ambassadors of your brand.


 Author, Hannah Louise Cox, Douglas Jackson