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Microsoft to Launch Windows 11 Later this Year

Back in 2015, Microsoft said the Windows 10 operating system would be its final release. After that point, they said, users would just keep downloading software updates within the existing system.


So, it’s come as a slight surprise that Windows 11 is on the way. Last month, Microsoft announced the new OS, set to be released later this year, and today we’re sharing some of its key features with you!

Hardware Requirements

The new software will be available as an update for all Microsoft users, but there’s a chance your computer doesn’t have the 4GB of RAM or 64GB storage required to run it. Microsoft’s own compatibility checker has been rather buggy, but there are many free tools to help you see if your device will work with the new OS.


You can view the full list of system requirements here, though these may change as Microsoft puts the finishing touches to Windows 11.

New Features

Unlike Windows 10, a fairly comprehensive redesign, this new update is less radical, and is more of an iterative improvement.


The taskbar has been renamed to the “dock” and will sit in the middle of the screen. Reminiscent of Apple design, this dock will have greater integration with Teams and other apps, allowing users to join chats and calls straight from the home screen.


Android apps such as TikTok will soon become available on PC, and will be downloaded from an improved Microsoft Store. There’s even the chance that Apple applications will be usable on the new OS.


Rounding off the new updates:



Some users – especially vocal ones on Twitter – have been airing their complaints about the new system. In particular, people have been mourning the loss of the “blue screen of death”, the dreaded error message that will now be set against a black screen.


But if that’s the biggest fault that people can find with the new OS, I don’t think Microsoft has much to worry about!


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