Thomson Reuters’ Award-Winning User Experience

Thomson Reuters’ Award-Winning User Experience

Thomson Reuters is a well-recognised, world-leading source of news and information for professional markets. They operate in a B2B environment, providing customers with the intelligence, technology and expertise they need to find trusted answers across the financial, risk, legal, tax, accounting and media markets.

The business operates in over 100 countries and employs over 50 000 people globally. Providing their service through desktop products, content feeds and human expertise, Thomson Reuters is also known for its international news brand, Reuters News Agency that has over 2,500 journalists working in 200 locations worldwide.

At last year’s UK Digital Experience Awards they won the fantastic accolade of Best Online User Experience (B2B). We look at the recent advancements at Thomson Reuters that paved the way to their win, including the development of ‘MyTR’, a platform that has enabled the company to consolidate 67 portals into one and provide every customer with a truly personalised experience.

Business Context behind ‘MyTR’

In order to provide a better digital experience for their clients, Thomson Reuters decided to introduce a new platform that would replace existing support portals and complement the Thomson Reuters websites along with their digital products.

Creating a consistent digital experience was key, and as part of this initiative, Thomson Reuters created an enterprise-wide digital touch point called ‘MyTR’.

‘MyTR’ was created as a single authenticated online portal that provides any customer, regardless of role, a uniquely personalised experience in content, administration, billing capabilities and more.

Across the CX, Digital, Platform and Product strategies in place, Thomson Reuters is also focusing on ensuring that these critical strategies are more easily enabled. ‘MyTR’ serves as a great platform on which these strategies are achieved and on which Thomson Reuters’ can be sure that it’s easy for their customers to do business with them.

The Innovative and Creative Solution

The implementation of ‘MyTR’ as a solution and a way to better customer experience consisted of a number of different elements that were brought together to successfully deliver the platform.

These elements supported the sheer ambition of the project which was to create a single authenticated space and bring together 67 portals customers had to access previously to one single platform.

‘MyTR’ was launched through Adobe Experience Manager, and with the help of a design agency, Thomson Reuters created a container to house the ‘MyTR’ experience.

The entire platform has also been created with scalability in mind, allowing Thomson Reuters to enable other strategic initiatives in the future along with better help and support for customers.

Personalisation of experiences was also a key component of the initiative. A multi-layered personalisation solution was implemented that's based on a multitude of factors that help to bring each customer a personal journey in ‘MyTR’.

The project was launched and implemented very quickly thanks to agile execution that has allowed for much quicker coding, and as the final success element, the very name has helped Thomson Reuters brand their product with the ‘TR’ abbreviation and make the platform personal with the name such as ‘MyTR’.

Business Impact and Results

Customer Validation Research and Usability testing have shown positive results that have validated ‘MyTR’ as a large customer benefit.

Metrics across the board have also been improved and the investment in one platform, opposed to 67, has shown apparent advantages for the great businesses.

The platform is now being used more broadly to support other digital transformation initiatives, such as the creation of a help app, enablement of e-commerce and support of various digital initiatives that are to be re-engineered across the business.

The UK Digital Experience Awards 2018

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