Three UK’s Award-Winning Use of SEO

Three UK’s Award-Winning Use of SEO

At the UK Digital Experience Awards 2017 Three UK won the category ‘Use of SEO' for their omnichannel SEO pilot that delivered exceptional online and offline results.

We take a look at these recent advancements and how Three UK delivers on their promise to give customers a quality and reliable experience.

Business Context

Three UK is a challenger in the UK telecommunications industry. Knowing how important it is to stand out of the crowd, they strive to connect with people on a whole new level through better service.

They are driven by the ambition to become the UK's Best-Loved Brand by their customers and employees by 2021, and their recent advancements have been heavily focused on the delivery of amazing experiences.

In a digitally literate and savvy generation, this directly translates to the delivery of amazing digital experiences and as part of their recent initiatives Three UK has been working hard to implement an omnichannel digital strategy.

A study conducted by Google & Ipsos in 2012 showed that 85% of UK mobile searches were looking for local information, and 58% going on to visit the business in-store or online with 81% converting.

Similar studies have also shown that companies with complete and well-optimised local listings were more likely to be viewed positively and trusted by customers.

Studies such as these have helped Three identify areas for improvement and decide on a course of action which helped them maximise their reach and better engage with their audience.

They achieved this through a pilot initiative and the use of ‘Google My Business – Virtual Tours’ which helped them enhance customer experiences both online and offline.

Three’s Outstanding Digital Experience

The use of Google My Business allowed Three to manage their online presence better across Google Search and Google Maps.

The Google service provides organisations with information relevant to their SEO and ultimately how hard it is for customers to find you online. Furthermore ‘Google My Business – Virtual Tour’ also gives organisations the ability to showcase their store through images people have uploaded and links them to relevant information on Google Search and Google Maps.

Three UK wanted to take this to a whole new level. They partnered with an authorised contractor of Google and produced HDR panoramic and static images of Three's ten busiest retail stores in the UK.

The implementation of ‘Google My Business – Virtual Tour’ brought the Three experience straight to the customer. Bringing the brand to life, the Virtual Tour provides an interactive 360° view of Three stores and gives customers the information they need to help establish a positive relationship of confidence and trust.

Business Impact and Results

Thanks to the use of Virtual Tour and Google My Business, Three UK was able to improve their SEO and increase their visibility in Google local search and map results. The low cost of implementing Virtual Tour also gave Three UK a drastic ROI for their work and other metrics such as store visits have seen drastic improvements also.

Three’s brand is being discovered by customers 29% more where the new strategy has been implemented, and thanks to these outstanding SEO improvements, customers can expect to find their local store much easier and quicker in the future.

The UK Digital Experience Awards 2018

Does your company use digital applications to enhance customer experience?

If your organisation already invests in its customer journey by using digital applications to enhance their experience, then entering the UK Digital Experience Awards is a fantastic way to achieve recognition in your enterprise.

Entering the awards is a valuable opportunity to bring your team together and celebrate your success. Not only that, the finalists receive a benchmarked feedback form from our panel of independent and impartial judges, and you have the opportunity to present your entry live to them at the awards finals in front of other industry leaders.

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