Top 5 UK Tech Companies According to Employee Reviews

Top 5 UK Tech Companies According to Employee Reviews

The UK seems to have become an excellent environment nowadays when it comes to working in an information technology sector. During recent years, London, also know as tech capital of Europe, has become oversaturated and IT companies have started to emerge and spread all over the UK. According to, more than 74% of tech companies today are outside inner London, and the number is gradually increasing.

The IT sector employs many people in the UK, but which tech company offers best employee experience? By analysing employee reviews from the company rating site Glassdoor, we were able to structure a top 5 list of best tech companies in the UK in regards to overall employee experience. 

mpanies are not all corporate giants, and some of them employ only few hundred people. However, their employee satisfaction has been noticed and rated according to their working environment, employee motivation and overall progress.

Number 5 - Softcat

This IT company is an amazing place to work in according to employee reviews. Softcat offers various IT infrastructure solutions to their clients and has around £500 million yearly turnover. They employ approximately 800 people and counting. Softcat is considered a unique employer because of their ‘weird’ work culture which seems to make their employees satisfied. 

Glassdoor Review:

- Pros: “Absolutely everything! The people, the culture, the fun, the determination and focus on making sure the company is about more than just profit, the willingness to give back to as many local businesses and charities as possible. The opportunity to move between roles, the relentless communication from management that Softcat is about people, humanity, looking after each other like a family and treating your neighbour as you would want to be treated, This is probably the aspect I love the most.”

- Cons: “The first year or two of the job was difficult, however for anyone with a good work ethic this shouldn't be an issue. If you're not willing to be challenged and work hard during your job, then I don't think any career would be suitable for you.”

Number 4 - Clearswift

Clearswift is a cyber-security provider from Reading, England operating world-wide. This company has gained a reputation of a trusted partner among their clients with their security solutions. Clearswift doesn’t just treat their customers well, but also their employees. Their vibrant and energetic workplace culture seems to have a very positive impact on the people working at Clearswift. 

Glassdoor Review:

-Pros: “Clearswift is a real convivial and friendly place to work. It is quite a small sized company, and that means that we all pretty much know each other. It also means bureaucracy is down to a minimum, and projects are actually moving forward. I have been here just over 4 years now, my role has continuously evolved, and my salary raised every year. Clearswift provides internal and external training, and focuses on its employee's personal development. “

-Cons: “Salary could probably be slightly higher, but the great personal development can make a real impact on future career moves. There have been quite a few changes in directions and objectives lately, and it sometimes is hard to follow.”

Number 3 - Salesforce 

The world’s leading CRM platform and one of the fastest-growing IT companies, Salesforce treats their employees as one treats their family. They call their company culture ‘Ohana’ which means family in Hawaiian, and it is the strong bond made between employees at Salesforce. Their ‘Ohana’ is built on four fundamental values which motivate the staff, and those are trust, growth, innovation and equality. Consequently, Salesforce was ranked 8th at the Glassdoor’s 2017 ‘Best Places to Work’ awards.

Glassdoor Review:

-Pros: “Fantastic people to work with - and being able to combine the incredible innovation of a world leading tech giant with the opportunity to work exclusively with organisations focussed on making the world a better place - perfect! Great benefits, Great people, Great place to work!”

-Cons: “It's hard work - but you'll be rewarded for it. Sometimes the US-rest of the world focus is a bit too visible!”

Number 2 - Equal Experts

An interesting thing about this software consulting company is its network of around 700 highly experienced people which make Equal Experts true to its name. The company only employs senior consultants if they pass their rigorous selection process. Once they become associates, employees are introduced to the incredible work environment which Equal Experts provide. 

Glassdoor Review:

-Pros: “Equal Experts brings a refreshing twist to the standard IT consultancy. It puts together talented professionals, caring people and exciting projects. You have the flexibility to try new things without the corporate noise to hinder every idea or initiative. But what is most impressive is the care for each and every one of its employees (associates or permanent).”

-Cons: “The sudden growth exceeded everyone's expectations, and now the admin side is catching up. A good problem to have.”

Number 1 - Expedia

One of the world’s largest online travel companies has influenced its employees in the UK quite positively. The effect was so great that it helped them win first place at the Glassdoor’s 2017 ‘Best Places to Work’ awards. What Expedia offers to its employees is a fantastic work environment, positive energy, thrive for improvement, and, ultimately, numerous benefits such as good salary, various insurances, paid vacations and exciting activities during and after working hours.

Glassdoor Review:

Pros: “Although I've never worked for such a large, global employer before, Expedia Inc. is, hands down, the best employer I've ever had. It's the right mix of perks, working for such a big player (structure, benefits, development, technologies and tools) but still with enough work to do (enough opportunity) for you to make your mark and actually make a difference for customers and the business. Lots of vacancies because of growth (not attrition), fairness and consistency all round.”

Cons: “Can sometimes feel difficult to drive change, as the business is so vast. Change can be quite slow-paced at times, because of this.”