The International DXA® covers every aspect of the digital customer experience. Categories are divided into three sections: Use of Digital in the Crisis, primarily focused on how DX was used during the Covid-19 pandemic; Marketing Heroes, for marketing digital innovation; and Digital Heroes, to celebrate the work of teams and individuals in implementing new digital experiences.

Whether you are a B2C or B2B organisation, there are categories here to tell your story and highlight your achievements.
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Best Digital Transformation

This category is for companies that have successfully integrated digital technology into all aspects of their business, to radically improve services for employees and customers.

Best Digital Response to the Crisis

The Covid pandemic saw many organisations introduce digital services to replace in-person ones, or boosting of existing digital platforms to further accommodate customers.

Best Digital Response to the Crisis - Large Company

Best Digital Response to the Crisis - SME

Best Web Support

From design to development, web support is crucial for making your site one that customers will want to visit and interact with. This category is the place to tell the world about your company’s winning web support strategy.

Best use of AI

Artificial intelligence is helping businesses communicate with customers faster and more efficiently through applications, including increasingly lifelike chatbot technology. This is a category for companies that have put AI to use in innovative and effective ways.

Best Use of VR/AR

Virtual and augmented reality offers a host of advantages to businesses and customers alike, particularly in a year that saw many confined to their homes across the world. Whether it’s designed to replicate the experience of viewing a new flat, taking part in a board meeting, or riding a theme park ride, we want to hear about your use of this technology.

Best E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce site is often your customers’ first point of contact with your business. Now that retail has had to shut its doors for months on end, this category aims to reward the most innovative e-commerce initiatives.

Best Use of a Digital Platform

This is an ideal category for companies to showcase their successful partnerships with digital platform providers. We want to know about end-to-end solutions connecting businesses to their stakeholders, their customers and the community in seamless, innovative and collaborative ways.

Best Use of Customer Feedback

Feedback is essential for companies, but it’s all about how you use it to improve the experience of your customers. In this category, organisations that have achieved great results by changing on the basis of customer feedback will tell their story.

Best Use of Digital in Sales & Marketing

Businesses have a wealth of marketing tech providers to choose from, and this is the category to showcase your company’s use of their products to make strides in marketing and sales.

Best Use of Digital in Delivery

Digital development has evolved the way we receive shipments from businesses in just a few short years. This category is for companies that used digital to deliver more for customers, and to do so better, faster, and with more transparency. Everything from pizzas to trains.

Use of Digital for Vulnerable Customers

Collecting information on the needs of vulnerable customers and tailoring your offering accordingly has never been easier, thanks to digital services. The most significant global examples of how tech has been used to support the vulnerable will compete in this category.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Use of Digital

Data and analytics are essential in ensuring a modern business meets its diversity and inclusion aims. Tell us how your business has adopted tech to do so in this category.

Best use of Digital in Health and Wellbeing

Keeping track of your employees’ welfare and, of course, that of your customers is an area in which technology has made its mark. The best examples of how companies are doing so digitally will compete here.

Best use of Digital

Best Digital Advertising

Your business has the furthest reach today than it has ever had, thanks to tech. With so many digital advertising options available to companies, tell your success story through an entry in this category.

Marketing Campaign Automation

Marketing automation software has opened up new possibilities for businesses seeking to expand their customer base and to better reach out to their existing customers. Share the results of your company’s effective use of automated campaigns in this category.

Best Use of GDPR

This category recognises companies that have implemented GDPR and enjoyed a competitive advantage and benefits. More transparent core business processes, restructured data for better decision-making and compliance are just a few of the benefits we want to hear about.

Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

This is a category for companies that can prove how their digital marketing strategy has led to an increase in business and customers. Describe your innovative strategies here and compete with the world’s best.

Best Use of SEO

How has the use of search engine optimisation made improvements for your business in attracting potential customers to your website? In this category, you will find best practice examples from across the world.

Digital Team of the Year

This category celebrates teamwork in the field of digital customer experience. Outline the work of your team in improving and innovating your customers’ digital touchpoints in this hotly contested category.

Digital Influencer of the Year

A category celebrating the outstanding individuals influencing global digital experience in 2021. Expect a very high level of competition in this crucial category.

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