The Categories

This year there are 23 categories aimed at celebrating the many ways digital technology can be used to enhance the experience of your customers and colleagues. The categories are chosen to ensure that every size of company and sector can be recognised across both B2B and B2C areas.

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Digital Agency

Entries are welcomed from partnerships with or from digital agencies delivering valuable strategies, campaigns and experiences. Whether you build incredible websites or drive SEO and engagement, your results-driven digital strategies will have a positive effect on the organisations and their customers.


This category is for utilities companies using digital means to improve and support their customer journey. Entries are welcomed from water, electricity, and gas companies using digital strategies for positive customer outcomes.

Entertainment and Telecoms

This category will suit entertainment, telecoms, and media companies who are engaging their customers through digital platforms and/or are embracing digital advancements to attract, gain and retain customers.  Entries will show the innovative applications used to create an enhanced digital experience for customers and/or colleagues. Last time EE won the top trophy.

Transport/ Leisure/ and Tourism

Entries will include initiatives for home delivery, transport, travel and tourism organisations using digital technology to create a better experience. From trackable packages to virtual tours, digital experience will play a significant part in enhancing customer and/or employee interactions for the company. Seatfrog won the top trophy for Leisure and Tourism.

Not for Profit & Charity (Including Public Services)

Entries will show how digital platforms have been embraced to help the organisation make a difference in people's lives. Whether that is by improving a website, starting a social media campaign, or embracing crowdfunding; digital will have been used with measurable positive results. HMA took home the top trophy in this category last time.

Financial Services

This category is for any organisations managing money, including insurance providers, and the innovative ways digital has been used to support and improve their interactions with customers, staff and stakeholders. The area of fintech is growing rapidly and entries are welcomed from companies using digital technology to make financial services more accessible. At the last awards Jumio and Monzo won in the ‘User Experience’ division and Divido won in the ‘Innovation’ division in 2018.

Retail & Ecommerce

Digital technology has revolutionised the ways customers can purchase products and services, from online-only stores and subscription services, to self-checkouts and click and collect. Entries are welcomed from retail companies embracing digital technology to radically enhance their customer journey.

Best Digital Change & Transformation

This category is for organisations, teams, and individuals adopting digital technology to achieve positive outcomes for the company, customers and/or staff. Many companies are making huge digital changes across their customer and internal channels to transform their capability and skills. The Share Centre won the ‘Software’ division, and BMJ with Box UK won in the ‘Digital Engagement Platforms’ division.

Best Website

Having a website is essential for showcasing your company online, but this is only one of the many reasons why a website is vital in the digital age. Entries are welcomed from organisations and individuals who have commissioned or created innovative websites that are not only fast and functional, but that also have a great user experience and an enhanced customer journey.

Best App

In a world of multi-device users, apps are essential for businesses to attract, assist, and retain customers. If your organisation ‘has an app for that’ which has made the customer journey more efficient then this is the perfect category to enter and celebrate and share your innovation.

Best Online User Experience B2B/B2C

Entries are welcomed from organisations that have shown how to retain and influence website visitors effectively through an engaging user experience. You will understand user behaviour and needs, and have used this insight to create a better customer journey either in a B2B or B2C environment. In 2018 both Micheldever Tyre Services Ltd T/A Protyre and Jumio and Monzo won in their respective B2C divisions. For B2B, BMJ with Box UK took home the top trophy.

Best Use of Data Analytics & Insight

This category is for those organisations, teams, and individuals who have used digital tools to investigate performance and used it to make better business decisions. Entries will show how utilising this insight had positive outcomes for the company and its customers. Sky UK were our winners in 2018.

Best Use of Digital Devices & Software

Entries will be from those using or creating hardware and software to meet a specific need, and will showcase the positive outcome it has had for the business. This category is for those providing a seamless and integrated digital customer experience which incorporates multiple touchpoints, devices and interactions. Mention Me won the gold last time in ‘Software as a Service’.

Best Use of Customer Reviews & Feedback

Organisations who have used customer reviews to generate increased business results will want to enter this category. The number of customer review sites and applications for rating websites has grown exponentially and organisations are using this insight to their advantage. Novus took home the gold trophy last time.

Best Mobile Strategy

It is estimated that 75% of adults active online access the internet via their smartphone. Mobile is huge and organisations entering this category will show the opportunities mobile offers to engage customers and boost their business. Octopus Energy took home the gold trophy in 2018.

Best SEO Strategy

Use of Search Engine Optimisation remains a key part of the online strategy. If you have been able to optimise your search engine presence in a highly competitive environment, and have benefited from the results, then this is the category for you. The partnership of Receptional Limited and Liberis won gold in this category in 2018.

Best Digital Marketing Campaign/Project

Whatever your budget, business, or audience, a great digital marketing campaign can bring brand awareness, lead generation, customer loyalty, and profits. Entries will show how a well planned online marketing strategy can transform an organisation and propel it forward.

Best PPC Strategy

Now a key part of the business model, Pay Per Click is an important element in digital advertising. Entries will show how a well planned and effective PPC campaign has had a positive impact on an organisation.

Best Use of Social Media

This category is for companies harnessing their online communities and creating engaging campaigns across one or more social media platforms. Entries will show how interaction and engagement online with customers and colleagues has greatly benefited the business.

Best Digital Team

Get recognition for great teamwork. Entries are welcomed from outstanding digital teams, whether that is within a company or a combination of supplier and customer. Celebrate a digital job well done and reward your hard-working digital heroes.

Best Omnichannel Approach

Entries will be from organisations adopting a multichannel approach to meet the needs of customers and colleagues. This category is for companies and individuals working to reach their audience at every touchpoint and across multiple channels.

Best Use of Emerging Technology (AI/ VR/ AR/ Chatbots etc)

This category is for organisations embracing the ever-changing digital landscape by using emerging technology to improve their customer experience. Entries could include technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence like machine learning. If your company is exploring a new feature, technology or platform that is benefiting customers then this is the category for you. Virgin Experience Days won ‘Best Use of AR/VR’ last time.

Overall winner

The overall winner is the entry with the highest score this is entered by all finalists and is decided at the finals. The overall winner will be presented as part of the awards ceremony.