Categories 2018

There are 23 categories to choose from. Each category has some examples of the kinds of initiatives that can be entered. The notes are for guidance and not exhaustive of the types of initiatives in a given category. Remember the more categories you enter the more chance you have of winning! All categories should be considered for B2B and B2C companies, SMEs and large organisations.


- Entries can be vehicle rental, purchase, servicing, new ways to improve trust and transparency are being developed all the time.

Delivery and Logistics

- Includes initiatives such as for home delivery, transport of goods and scheduling of services or deliveries.


- Banking apps, the services contained within different apps - Online banking - Online customer communication - Reducing the need for bank visits


- From comparison websites to the delivery or renewal of policies through faster processes or through the use of new applications in contact centres.


- These awards were made for this category.

- New technology that aims to compete with traditional financial services. Areas include new payment models, foreign exchange, trading and risk management.

Leisure & Tourism

- Examples can include airline communication and apps, holiday information or ticketing.

- You never know, border agencies may even want to enter this one!

Not for profit & charity (including public services).

- Social or low-cost housing, councils, local government have all made tremendous strides in communicating with customers over the last 5 years or so.

Restaurants, take-away & delivery

- Online or mobile ordering, customer reviews and feedback, faster drive thru service or in-store ordering are just a few areas where digital is making a great impact.


- Digital contact centres, dealing with the regulator and remote locations, dealing with customer emergencies.

- The possibilities for digital implementation and change seem endless.


- Online magazine sites providing stunning content and generating significant advertising revenue or indeed other business models.

- Applications which consolidate business news. Organisations who publish content through online applications, new and emerging e-zines growing audiences through new strategies.

Personal entertainment & telecoms

- The line between where telephony stops and entertainment starts is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish.

- This category will suit those operators and media companies who can see that competitive advantage is being delivered through mobile and telecoms in the form of entertainment, whether that be video or social.

Software as a service

- Cloud services or SaaS, should be included in this category. Entries could come from any organisation providing their application via the internet.

- The types of organisations that can enter this category is wide and varied, but the differentiator will be the user or customer experience.

Best use of AR or VR

Improvements in immersive or altered reality technology is providing new opportunities for marketing and use of applications. Get recognition for being way ahead of the curve. Secure your entry today!

Digital change & transformation

- Always one of the most popular categories. Many companies are making huge changes across their customer and internal channels at the same time as re-training or transforming their capability and skills.

Best online user experience B2B

- The process of marketing and sales in B2B is quite unique, understanding how to attract, retain and influence website visitors to gain engagement and trial requires more and more expertise and sophisticated strategies.

Best online user experience B2C

- It is well known that a matter of a few seconds can make the difference between losing a customer and gaining a sale.

- If your business has grown through maximising the user experience in a B2C setting then this category could be for you.

Use of SEO

- Use of SEO remains a key part of the online strategy.

- If you have been able to optimise search results in a highly competitive environment where adwords command sky high prices or where you simply have a low budget and have still had amazing results, then this could be the category for you.

Use of social

- Initiatives using social media marketing or social selling.

Customer reviews & feedback

- The number of customer review sites or applications for rating websites has grown exponentially and with those the sophistication of their use, the business model and the expectations of the customers!

- Organisations who have used customer reviews to generate increased business results will want to enter this category.

Data analytics & insight

- Use of data is of paramount importance in maximising web effectiveness.

- Examples might include different applications designed specifically to analyse and offer actionable data for the customer and examples of how data has been used to deliver bigger better business results.


- The combined use of different channels to communicate a consistent brand message whilst at the same time understanding the best use of each channel can contribute to amazing business benefits.

- Entrants to this category will have implemented business change across many channels simultaneously.

Digital team

- Get recognition for the whole team.

- It could be the digital team within the company or a combination of supplier and customer, or even end user, digital team and a number of suppliers of digital services.

- Enter the right category for your business, then enter the team category to show you mean business.

- We cannot wait to see you at the awards.

Mobile Strategy

- Mobile is huge. An article in Forbes recently cited a survey by GlobalWebIndex estimating 75% of all online adults now access the internet via their smartphone. The market for mobile is huge and therefore the opportunity for creative strategies to engage customers.

Overall winner

The overall winner is the entry with the highest score this is entered by all finalists and is decided at the finals. The overall winner will be presented as part of the awards ceremony.